Tips Tree Planting: Enhancing Urban Tree Canopy for a Greener Future

Did you know that urban forests play a crucial role in enhancing, protecting, and restoring the tree canopy in our cities? At Tips Tree Planting, we are committed to promoting a healthier environment by partnering with King County cities through our Urban Forest Health Program. With a focus on stewarding street trees, writing forested park management plans, and hosting tree giveaways, we are working towards creating a greener and more sustainable future.

Our Urban Forest Health Program

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The Tips Tree Planting’s Urban Forest Health Program provides direct services to King County cities, aiming to enhance, protect, and restore the urban tree canopy. We collaborate with cities to develop project scopes that we implement with our in-house staff or contractors. With $150,000 available annually for project implementation, we can support approximately three new city-chosen projects, depending on total applications and project costs.

Partnering for a Green Future

Cities play a crucial role in identifying projects that they would like to pursue to enhance their urban tree canopy. They respond to our Urban Forest Health Program Letter of Interest, where they outline their project proposals. Our dedicated Urban Forest Working Group, comprising diverse stakeholders, reviews the submissions and selects projects based on set criteria. We then work closely with the cities to develop project scopes, which we support in-house or bid out for implementation.

Investing in a Sustainable Future

Unlike a traditional grant program, our Urban Forest Health Program is a services program. We hold the funds and manage the projects through our experienced team at Tips Tree Planting. Projects should be completed within three years, ensuring timely implementation and measurable outcomes.

Approved Projects By Year

Over the years, our Urban Forest Health Program has successfully executed numerous projects that have had a direct impact on enhancing the urban tree canopy. Here are a few project highlights:

Community Forest Stewardship at North SeaTac Park

Working with the City of SeaTac, The Port of Seattle, Forterra, Partners in Employment, and community volunteers, we wrote a comprehensive 30-year management plan for North SeaTac Park. This plan has allowed us to create annual work plans for the different parties involved, addressing invasive plant removal and native tree planting.

Kirkland and Kenmore Yard Tree Giveaways

In response to the need for increased tree canopy on private land, the cities of Kirkland and Kenmore requested tree giveaways. At Tips Tree Planting, we took charge by developing an appropriate species list, purchasing materials, promoting and managing the event, and ensuring informational materials were available in multiple languages.

Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Management Report & Handbook

To mitigate the impact of land development on stormwater runoff and water quality, we initiated the Puget Sound Urban Tree Canopy and Stormwater Analysis Project. This project provides valuable information on the role of tree canopy in managing water quality and quantity in the Puget Sound region. As a companion to the Technical Report, we developed a Handbook that fosters collaboration across professional disciplines and is useful to all audiences and users.

PlanIt Geo Tree Canopy Assessments

To better understand the tree canopy coverage across our member cities, we conducted tree canopy assessments for almost all 34 member jurisdictions. The resulting metrics provide valuable insights into the impact of canopy cover on stormwater capacity. We have made the maps and data available in our web-based planning software, Canopy Planner, to support city partners with planning, community development, and urban forest management. We also offer updates to the canopy map as requested.

Our Urban Forestry Working Group

At Tips Tree Planting, we value collaboration and believe in the power of collective effort. Our Urban Forest Initiative Working Group comprises diverse stakeholders who assist us in the development and implementation of urban forest projects. The current working group members represent various geographies and include representatives from cities, non-governmental organizations, and forestry professionals. Together, we are driving positive change and creating a sustainable future for our urban forests.

For more information about Tips Tree Planting’s Urban Forest Initiative Working Group or our Urban Forest Health Program, feel free to contact us at Tips Tree Planting or call us at 206-581-3280.

Let’s work together to nurture and preserve our urban tree canopy for generations to come!

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