The Ultimate Planting Hoe: A Must-Have Tool for Tree Planting

Are you passionate about gardening and looking for the perfect tool to make the process easier? Look no further! At Tips Tree Planting, we have the ideal solution for you – the Planting Hoe, also known as the HoeDad Tree Planting Tool.

Unveiling the HoeDad Tree Planting Tool

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At Terra Tech, we have long been pioneers in the industry, constantly innovating to create planting blades and bracket angles that revolutionize the tree planting experience. Our goal is to make your planting job easier and ensure the highest quality results.

The Power of Quality Blades

Our planting blades are meticulously crafted from high-quality carbon steel, specially heat-treated for exceptional durability. Each blade is expertly sharpened to effortlessly penetrate the soil and create the perfect planting spot. Whether you’re dealing with different types of seedlings or varying soil conditions, our blades are designed to meet your specific needs.

Versatility Beyond Tree Planting

Did you know that our Planting Hoe is not just limited to tree planting? It has also proven to be an effective tool in fire suppression and prevention across the country. When fire season arrives, having a few of these in your rig can make all the difference for your crew. Plus, the Planting Hoe serves as an excellent trenching tool, showcasing its versatility and practicality.

Choosing the Right Planting Hoe

Selecting the right planting tool is crucial to ensure the proper placement of tree roots for optimal growth and survival. To achieve this, you need a tool that can open a hole deep and wide enough to accommodate the root system without bunching, twisting, or causing “J roots.” At Terra Tech, we offer the perfect solution – the Terra Tech Hodad.

The Terra Tech Hodad: A Scalping and Trail-Digging Powerhouse

The Terra Tech Hodad is specifically manufactured for high-production scalping and digging trails. It is highly regarded as the best scalper/planter available on the market, providing an excellent alternative to the hazel hoe. This tool is a favorite among hand crews engaged in wildland firefighting due to its exceptional performance.

The Earp Bracket: Unparalleled Comfort and Efficiency

Another standout feature of the Terra Tech Hodad is the Earp Bracket. Crafted by Mr. Earp, a local Oregon inventor, this angled bracket ensures unmatched comfort and efficiency during long hours of digging. With a 90-degree angle for hill work and a 100-degree angle for flat-land tasks, this bracket guarantees a pleasant and productive planting experience. We offer two options for the bracket material – Tinsilite and Brass. The Brass option provides extra weight for added force in harder soil, while the Tinsilite option is lighter and perfect for softer soil.

Features of the HoeDad Tree Planting Tool

To give you an overview of the remarkable options available, here are some of the features our Planting Hoe offers:

  • The Blade is manufactured from knife-grade steel, ensuring exceptional strength and longevity.
  • HBD1010: 15″ X 4″ Concave
  • HBD1050: 15″ X 4″ Straight
  • HBD1080: 15″ X 3″ Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1090: 16″ X 4″ Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1020: 17″ X 4″ Concave
  • HBD1030: 17″ X 4″ Straight-Concave
  • HBD1060: 17″ X 4″ Straight
  • HBD1095: 17″ X 4″ Thin (Plug)
  • HBD1025: 19″ X 4.5″ Concave


When it comes to tree planting, having the right tools can make all the difference. The Planting Hoe from Tips Tree Planting is the ultimate tool for both professionals and gardening enthusiasts. With exceptional quality, versatility, and unmatched comfort, this tool is a must-have. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the ease and efficiency of the HoeDad Tree Planting Tool. Visit Tips Tree Planting to find out more and embark on your journey to becoming a successful tree planter!

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