Tips Tree Planting: Street Tree Master Plan 2023

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Why We Need This Plan

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Welcome to Tips Tree Planting’s article about the Street Tree Master Plan 2023! As passionate gardeners, we understand the importance of trees in our urban environment. That’s why we’re excited to share this critical part of the City of Sydney’s efforts to manage its urban forest.

Trees, like all living things, grow, age, and eventually die. That’s where the Street Tree Master Plan comes in. It serves as a guide for the future street tree planting efforts of the City of Sydney. By carefully selecting where to plant trees and what species to use as replacements, the plan ensures a proactive approach to preserving and enhancing our urban forest.

The Vision Behind the Plan

The Street Tree Master Plan 2023 takes into account the challenges posed by climate change and the need to create resilient and sustainable communities. Our focus is on increasing canopy cover and species diversity, aligning with our mission to build a cool, calm, and resilient city. We understand that our streets are not just concrete pathways; they are crucial connections that shape our daily lives.

In developing this plan, we have reviewed each street across the local area, assessing the performance of existing street trees and considering their unique landscape conditions. We’ve engaged with experts in the field of street tree planting, including arboriculture, plant science, and Indigenous ecology. Through community consultation and feedback, we have strived to balance a range of competing priorities and aspirations related to street trees.

Our Goals and Objectives

The Street Tree Master Plan aims to achieve innovative and well-considered tree planting solutions for all streets and laneways in the City of Sydney. We want our streets to be more than just concrete; we want them to support improvements in community health and well-being. Additionally, we aim to create resilient, valued, and attractive places that contribute to sustainable outcomes and mitigate the urban heat island effect. By planting trees that conserve, support, complement, and restore our natural environments, we can also minimize energy consumption and reduce emissions.

A Plan for the Future

This plan is not about removing existing trees; it’s about making thoughtful decisions when choosing species for new planting locations or when a replacement tree is required. Existing trees will be left to grow naturally, only being removed if they pose a safety issue or become an unacceptable hazard. We understand that sometimes major street improvements or infrastructure upgrades may require tree removal, but we always consider it as a last resort option.

At Tips Tree Planting, we are committed to making Sydney a green, cool, calm, and resilient city. We believe this plan will be valuable in achieving our vision.

Strategic Context

The Street Tree Master Plan 2023 consists of several key components that provide a comprehensive guide to planting street trees throughout the City of Sydney. These include:

  • An interactive online map that showcases tree species and planting arrangements for each street, allowing users to filter and view information according to their needs.
  • Introductory information that provides context, objectives, and instructions on using the plan.
  • Supporting information that details the criteria, factors, and principles guiding tree species selection.
  • Technical guidelines for the supply, installation, and establishment of new street trees.
  • Links to other key resources and documents.

This plan is part of the City of Sydney’s suite of tree management policies, which collectively provide the necessary tools for effectively managing the urban forest and street trees. These policies include the Greening Sydney Strategy 2021, Tree Management and Donation Policy (2023), Urban Forest Strategy (2023), Street Tree Master Plan (2023), and Register of Significant Trees 2013.

We have taken into account not only the City of Sydney’s policies but also other existing NSW Government regulations that influence the future use and development of our streets.

Thank you for joining us on this journey towards a greener and more vibrant Sydney. Together, we can make a difference.

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