The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice

It’s that time of the year again – tree-planting season is upon us! Whether you’re a rookie or an experienced tree planter, there’s one question that always comes up: What boots should I get? Well, worry no more! We’ve got all the boot advice you need right here at Tips Tree Planting!

Best Tree Planting Boots for Alberta & BC

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Photo by Nick Paodin / King Kong

In Alberta and BC, there are a few things to consider. Calked boots are a must-have for BC planting, while in most parts of Alberta, they may not be necessary. Before buying a pair, ask your crew boss if calked boots will be needed. Keep in mind that BC has more mountains, while Alberta is relatively flat.

When it comes to brands, the hikers are all quite similar, so find the ones that fit your feet the best. Brands like Viking, MEC, Altitude, and Atmosphere are worth checking out. Just remember that Viking boots tend to fit larger than advertised, so go a size smaller.

Best Tree Planting Boots for Ontario & Quebec

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Photo by Compagnons D’arbres

If you’re tree planting in Ontario or Quebec, steel-toed boots are required. However, any of the recommended boots for Alberta and BC will also work in Ontario and Quebec if steel-toe is not required. It’s important to note that many of these boots are made large, so it’s recommended to get a size smaller. Check with the manufacturer for the boot chart.

Additionally, you can also visit an army surplus store to find combat boots at a reasonable price. Canadian Tire also offers affordable steel-toed rubber boots with a warranty, allowing you to exchange them for free if they get pierced.

Boot Repair Kit

To ensure your boots last longer, it’s important to have a boot repair kit. Here are some essential supplies to consider:

  • Superglue, Needle & Fishing Wire: To patch holes, cuts, and scratches, use fishing wire along with superglue for a longer-lasting fix.
  • Boot Oil/Grease: Regular boot maintenance is crucial to prevent cracks in leather and rubber.
  • Laces: Always have extra pairs of laces in case they break.

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Permatex Glue – $25 Per Tube

Fishing Wire for Sewing Tree Planting Boots
30 lb Fishing Line – $20

Socks for Tree Planting
Leather Needle Kit – $9

Boot Comfort Supplies

Enhance your tree-planting experience with these essential items:

Bamas/ Boot Liners

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Pioneer – $17 Per Pair

Bamas or boot liners are highly recommended for added comfort and water absorption. They will keep your feet from being waterlogged, especially in regions like Quebec and Ontario where wet conditions are inevitable.


The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Boot Advice
Dristex – 2 Pairs for $30

Invest in sturdy socks that won’t easily tear at the heel. While they may be a bit more expensive, they are worth the investment. Additionally, consider wearing wool socks for added comfort.

Dr. Scholl’s Insoles

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Dr. Scholl’s Work Insoles – 2 for $50

If you prefer not to use boot liners, Dr. Scholl’s insoles are a must-have. These gel-like insoles absorb shock and reduce strain on your knees and other joints. Opt for the work insoles for added thickness and stability.

Collagen Supplement for Knee Pain

The Best Boots For Tree Planting: Tips and Advice
Webber’s – $25 Per Bottle

Tree planting can take a toll on your knees, causing pain and discomfort. To alleviate knee pain, consider taking a collagen supplement with hyaluronic acid. These supplements help rebuild cartilage and reduce joint pain. Investing in your knee health is definitely worth it!


To recap, here’s everything you’ll need for a successful tree-planting season:

  • Boots for Tree Planting in BC/AB
  • Boots for Tree Planting in ON/QC
  • Boot Repair Kit
  • Boot Comfort Supplies

According to experienced tree planters, Scarpas and Vikings are considered the best boots for tree planting. However, having both types is ideal. Remember, it’s worth investing in quality supplies for a comfortable and pain-free planting experience.

At Tips Tree Planting, we strive to bring you the best advice and tips for successful tree planting. Check out our website for more resources and information on tree-planting gloves, backpacks, and other essential gear.

Plant comfortably, my friends, and enjoy a fruitful tree-planting season!

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