Grow Your Own Tree with Tree In A Box

Welcome to Tips Tree Planting, where we share all the juicy secrets about gardening and tree planting! Today, we want to introduce you to an amazing product that will allow you to grow your own tree from seed – Tree In A Box.

Everything You Need in One Kit

Tree In A Box offers tree growing kits that provide everything you need to grow a tree from seed. With these kits, it’s as easy as “add water only” and watch your tree grow in a sunny window. The best part? These kits make perfect eco-friendly gifts for various occasions, including corporate promotional items, green wedding favors, party favors and gifts, community event handouts, and even memorial dedications.

A Variety of Tree Species to Choose From

At Tree In A Box, we understand that everyone has their favorite trees. That’s why we offer our tree growing kits in nine different tree species. Whether you love the elegance of the American Elm, the beauty of the Blue Spruce, or the majestic Giant Sequoia, we have the perfect tree seed kit for you. Our other available species include Dawn Redwood, Douglas Fir, Paper Birch, Ponderosa Pine, Red Maple, and Sycamore.

Special Baby Tree Kit

Looking for a unique baby-themed gift? We have you covered! Tree In A Box also offers a specially designed Baby Tree kit that includes Blue Spruce seeds in a beautifully themed box. It’s the perfect way to celebrate the arrival of a new baby and watch a tree grow alongside them.

What’s Included in Each Kit

Each Grow Your Own Tree kit from Tree In A Box contains all the essentials you need to get started on your tree growing journey. You’ll find a packet of tree seeds, an organic biodegradable peat pot, an expandable nutrient soil pellet (that magically fills the pot when watered), a 32-page info-packed instruction booklet with fun tree facts, and all packed within a decorative 2-1/2″ cubical box. It’s everything you need in one neat package!

Personalize Your Gift

At Tree In A Box, we understand the importance of personalized gifts. That’s why we offer gift wrapping options at checkout. For an additional cost, you can add a personalized note ($0.75 each) or send your gift in a cotton drawstring gift bag ($2.00 each). Each bag holds one tree kit, and it’s a beautiful way to present your thoughtful gift.

Grow Your Own Tree with Tree In A Box

International Orders

While Tree In A Box currently ships to US (excluding Hawaii) and Canadian addresses, we also have some capabilities to ship to other countries. If you are outside the US or Canada, please contact us, and we will look into the regulations for shipping our product to your location. We want to share the joy of tree planting worldwide!

Please note that orders being shipped to Canada require a USDA Phytosanitary certificate. The cost for this certificate varies based on the total order amount. Additionally, there may be additional duties and taxes due on your end. Once the product is in your country, we have no control over the length of time it will take to clear customs.

Ready to embark on your tree growing journey? Visit Tips Tree Planting to learn more and get your own Tree In A Box kit today!

Remember, there is something truly magical about watching a tiny seed grow into a magnificent tree. With Tree In A Box, you can be a part of that magic and create a greener world, one tree at a time. Happy planting!