Trees & Tree Canopy

Residents who want to learn more about trees or have any tree-related inquiries can contact the City of Newport’s Community Services Department at 859-292-3686 or email them. At Tips Tree Planting, we understand the significance of trees and their canopy in creating a livable community. Trees provide numerous benefits, and the City of Newport is committed to preserving and enhancing its tree canopy.

About Public Street & Park Trees in Newport

The City of Newport recognizes the importance of trees and their canopy. To ensure a sustainable future, Newport aims to maintain the existing tree canopy cover, which currently stands at 33%. Additionally, the city strives to improve the quality and health of the canopy while equalizing its coverage across neighborhoods. All of this is done while prioritizing public safety. For more details, you can read the executive summary here.

Efforts to Work Toward These Goals

To achieve these goals, the City of Newport has implemented several measures:

  • Part-time Arborist on Staff: Newport now has an ISA Certified Arborist who provides expert assistance in the care, maintenance, and reforestation of trees in the city.
  • Building a Proactive Care Program: The city is transitioning into a proactive care program for its public trees. This approach, considered best practice, reduces risks, extends tree life, and ultimately increases canopy while saving resources. Each year, a portion of public trees is assessed, inventoried, and given appropriate proactive care, primarily pruning.
  • Updates to Tree Protection: In 2019, the public tree ordinance was updated, clarifying responsibilities, incorporating industry standards, and establishing rules and fines for damaging city assets. Permission is essential for any work related to street or park trees, including planting or pruning. Failure to comply with the ordinance regulations may result in fines. You can view the Tree Ordinance Summary/Highlights here.
  • Incorporating Trees in New Development: The city arborist actively reviews development plans to ensure the integration of trees in new projects.
  • Tree Planting Support: The City of Newport continues to collaborate with the community on volunteer tree planting initiatives.
  • Volunteer Tree Planting: Numerous groups volunteer to plant trees in the city. If you’re interested in participating, please read the guidelines here.

How We Manage Our Trees

The City of Newport has established two frameworks to effectively manage its trees and work towards the aforementioned goals:

  1. City Code: The updated “Chapter 94 – Trees” of the Newport Code of Ordinances aligns with national best practices in tree care and management.
  2. Management Policies and Procedures: In conjunction with the city code, specific policies and procedures are in place to guide the daily management of Newport’s valuable tree assets.

At Tips Tree Planting, we recognize the importance of trees and their canopy in creating a sustainable and vibrant community. By implementing proactive care programs, updating tree protection regulations, and involving the community in tree planting initiatives, the City of Newport demonstrates its dedication to preserving and enhancing its tree canopy. Together, we can ensure a greener and healthier future.