Marlborough Flyer & Port Marlborough: Planting Trees for the Next Generation

Marlborough Flyer & Port Marlborough: Planting Trees for the Next Generation

Pounamu Tourism Group and Port Marlborough have joined forces for a tree-planting initiative at Riverlands School, marking the second season of the iconic Marlborough Flyer heritage Steam Train. This exciting collaboration aims to make a positive impact on the environment and engage the local community.

A Growing Partnership

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Paul Jackson, Director of Pounamu Tourism Group, expresses his enthusiasm for the upcoming second season of the Marlborough Flyer, set to begin in October this year. Riverlands School was chosen as the location for the tree-planting project due to its proximity to the railway line and its students’ delightful experience on a train trip in April. The children have become the train’s biggest brand ambassadors, making this project even more special. This endeavor marks the start of an annual commitment to planting trees in schools and parks throughout Marlborough. Pounamu Tourism Group will work closely with Marlborough City Council and the schools to provide direct donations for specific tree planting projects each year.

Taking the environmental impact of the Steam Train into consideration, the estimate for greenhouse gas emissions, primarily CO2, is approximately 1936kg per round trip between Picton and Blenheim. However, if the 250 train passengers were to travel by car (with an average of 2 passengers per medium-sized car), the CO2 equivalent emissions would be 2021kg, surpassing that of the train. These calculations are based on an emission rate of .231kg per km.

Port Marlborough: Leading the Green Charge

Rhys Welbourne, Chief Executive of Port Marlborough, highlights their commitment to environmental leadership. Port Marlborough actively supports ongoing tree-planting projects and community initiatives, making it the perfect partner for this endeavor. The association with the Marlborough Flyer is something they are proud of, and they eagerly anticipate another exciting season ahead.

Planting Seeds of Excitement

Dave Parsons, Principal at Riverlands School, expresses their delight and appreciation for the donation of trees. The school and its children fully support this environmental initiative. The sight and sounds of the steam train passing by the school, especially during break time, create truly memorable moments. The children run along the fence line, waving and calling out to the engineers. The train serves as a captivating link to a bygone era, igniting their curiosity and imagination.

A Unique Experience for All

While the Marlborough Flyer primarily focuses on enhancing the visitor experience on cruise ship days, selected Saturdays and Sundays every month from October 2018 to April 2019 will feature “Super Saturday/Sunday Specials.” These special days allow locals and other Kiwis to enjoy the Marlborough Flyer experience with their loved ones at a discounted rate. Thanks to the support from local sponsors and the ability to run two return journeys on Non-Cruise-Ship Sundays, the train can operate at lower costs per trip. These savings are then passed on to the locals, creating a win-win situation for everyone.

Sponsoring the Journey

Renewing their sponsorship for the second season, several businesses have recognized the value of being associated with the Marlborough Flyer. Headline sponsor Port Marlborough, as well as carriage sponsors Saint Clair Family Estate, The Ned of Marisco Vineyards, Lawson’s Dry Hills, and Harcourts Marlborough, have all played a significant role in making this remarkable experience possible. Additionally, Mud House Wines has joined as a carriage sponsor for the first time, adding further support to this beloved venture.

With its second season fast approaching, the Marlborough Flyer is ready to continue delighting passengers and preserving the rich heritage of steam train travel. Bookings for this extraordinary experience can be made online at Tips Tree Planting to ensure you don’t miss out on the magic!

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