The Incredible Benefits of Tree Planting in Communities

Harrisburg, PA – On Arbor Day, our team at Tips Tree Planting, in collaboration with the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR), had the pleasure of planting trees in Mechanicsburg, Cumberland County. This event aimed to highlight the immense value that trees bring to our communities.

The proposed budget by Governor Shapiro includes resources for the DCNR, which will enable us to provide technical assistance to communities and support forest conservation and restoration initiatives. With ambitious goals set by the Shapiro Administration, we strive to reduce the current rates of forest loss by 5,000 acres per year, restore 5,000 acres of non-forest land by planting trees, and permanently conserve 15,000 acres of forest land vulnerable to development.

“Planting a tree is a simple act with a tremendous impact,” emphasizes DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn. “Trees play a crucial role in addressing various environmental challenges, such as combating heat and controlling stormwater caused by climate change.”

Pennsylvania recently received a grant of $9.75 million from the U.S. Forest Service, made possible by the Inflation Reduction Act. This funding will support communities in ensuring equitable access to trees and the myriad benefits they offer, such as cleaner air, improved water quality, and the beautification of landscapes.

“National Arbor Day is an annual celebration that acknowledges the vital role trees play in purifying our air, protecting our water quality, and enhancing the beauty of our communities,” explains State Forester Ellen Shultzabarger.

The trees planted during this event were provided by the TreePennsylvania Bare-Root Tree Program. In fact, TreePennsylvania supplied 657 trees to 39 communities throughout the Commonwealth this spring, contributing significantly to our ongoing efforts to create green spaces.

Luke Arnold, the Environmental Programs Coordinator for the Borough of Mechanicsburg, expressed his commitment to transform Mechanicsburg into “A Green Place to Live” for future generations. To achieve this, the borough plans to plant 500 new trees by January 2028, coinciding with its 200th anniversary celebration.

Through our public-private partnership, TreeVitalize, established by the DCNR, we aim to equip communities with the necessary knowledge and resources for effective tree planning, planting, and maintenance. In line with our commitment to equity and environmental justice, we have appointed our first TreeVitalize Tree Equity Specialist in 2021 to spearhead urban and community forestry work across the Commonwealth.

As individuals, we can also contribute to urban tree planting initiatives. By donating to the Keystone Tree Fund voluntary $3 check-off box on driver’s license and vehicle registration online applications, we can support efforts to plant trees in our cities and towns.

Trees and forests are paramount in our battle against climate change. They not only store carbon, thus aiding in the mitigation of greenhouse gases, but also provide a multitude of other benefits, including energy cost reduction, stormwater runoff control, increased property values, noise reduction, and the attraction of birds and wildlife.

For more information on trees in communities and how you can get involved, visit the Tips Tree Planting website.

Remember, every tree planted brings us closer to a greener future!

MEDIA CONTACT: Christina Novak

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