Basic Tree Planting Techniques: Planting and Delivery

Are you planning to add some beautiful trees to your garden or landscape? Proper tree planting techniques are crucial to ensure the health and longevity of your trees. At Tips Tree Planting, we are here to guide you through the process and provide expert advice on tree planting. In this article, we will discuss the important aspects of planting and delivery, ensuring that your trees thrive in their new environment.

Planting Charges

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When you purchase trees or shrubs from Tips Tree Planting, our planting charges are based on the size of the tree. We offer a comprehensive planting service, which includes various steps to ensure your tree’s successful establishment. These steps include calling utility locates, delivery, digging the hole, amending the soil, staking and strapping your tree, and cleaning up the site. For more details on additional charges, refer to the chart below.

Please note that it is essential to remove any pet waste prior to planting and inform our nursery and planting crew about any obstacles that may hinder access to the planting site, such as steps, retaining walls, gates, window wells, or AC units. To facilitate the planting process, mark the planting sites with labeled white flags provided by our nursery.

Prices for difficult site conditions can be negotiated, and all charges are payable at the time of service. If your location is more than 26 miles away from our nursery or outside of El Paso County, please inquire about availability and request a quote, as additional fees may apply due to the distance.

It’s important to note that our planting service does not include tree or shrub removal, unless it is a replacement covered under our guarantee. Moreover, repairs to private lines such as irrigation systems, septic systems, wells, or private electric and gas lines are not included. Charges for these repairs and removals will be discussed and negotiated separately with the planting companies.

To ensure a smooth planting and delivery process, we highly recommend reading the Planting/Delivery Site Access Requirements and the Planting/Delivery Process Flow Chart, which can be found at the bottom of this page.

Special Access Required

Certain trees tagged with “Special Access Required”^^ may require the use of a full-size skid steer due to their size and weight. In addition to the per tree planting cost, there is an additional charge of $500 per day per site for the use of the full-size skid steer. Please ensure that your site has a minimum of 8′ access. It is necessary to have the site pictures approved by our planting crew two weeks prior to your planting date to confirm the adequacy of access.

Please note that the minimum planting charge is $285.

Per Tree Planting Price

At Tips Tree Planting, our prices for tree planting are calculated based on the size and type of tree. Here is a breakdown of the per tree planting prices for different tree categories:

  • B&B Evergreen Trees:

    • Up to 6.5′: $200
    • 7′-7.5′: $235
    • 8′-8.5′: $265
    • 9′-9.5′: $350
    • 10′-10.5′: $410
    • 11′-13.5′ ^^: $555
    • 14′-18′ ^^: $650
    • 18.5′-20′ ^^: $750
  • B&B Deciduous Trees:

    • Up to 2.25″: $195
    • 2.5″-2.75″: $235
    • 3″-3.25″: $290
    • 3.5″-3.75″: $345
    • 4″-4.25″: $435
    • 4.5″-4.75″: $450
    • 5″-5.25″ ^^: $495
  • B&B Multi-Stem Trees:

    • Up to 6′: $190
    • 6′-8′: $195
    • 8′-10′: $235
    • 10′-12′: $260
    • 12′-14′: $290
    • 14′-16′: $325
    • 16′-18′: $400
  • Container Trees:

  • Container Shrubs:

Please note that trees marked with “*” may require the use of a Mini Skid Loader for handling. These trees typically cannot be handled without the use of equipment.

Trees marked as “Special Access Required” require the use of a full-size Skid Steer and an additional charge of $500 per day per site for the use of larger equipment. This charge is not per tree but is a daily price assuming it is being used at the same site. These trees are specially tagged and will also be noted on your invoice.

At Tips Tree Planting, we are committed to providing high-quality tree planting services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Trust us to deliver healthy, beautiful trees to your doorstep and assist you in creating a vibrant and inviting landscape.

For more information and tips on tree planting, visit Tips Tree Planting – your go-to resource for all your tree planting needs.

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