Maintaining Memories Donation Program

Maintaining Memories Donation Program


Welcome to the Maintaining Memories Donation Program! At Tips Tree Planting, we believe in the power of community and the importance of preserving memories. Our program provides an opportunity for citizens to honor special events and contribute to the growth and beautification of our parks. Let’s work together to make Belleville’s natural environment a source of pride for everyone.

Types of Donations


Are you looking for a meaningful way to commemorate a special occasion? Consider our memorial tree option. Most of our developed park spaces accept memorial trees, with a few exceptions. The cost for a memorial tree is $750.00, which includes a tree marker. We provide a variety of tree species to choose from, subject to availability from the nursery.

Please note that memorial trees will not be planted in natural or woodland park areas. The placement of the tree will be carefully evaluated to ensure safety and avoid any infrastructure concerns. Let’s create a lasting legacy that enhances the beauty of our parks.


Another wonderful option for honoring a loved one or celebrating an important event is our memorial bench program. With the exception of a few parks, our developed park spaces welcome memorial benches. For a price of $3,800.00, you will receive a bench, concrete slab, and plaque. The bench plaque will be set into the center of the back of the bench, creating a lasting tribute.

Installation of a memorial bench can take up to five months, as it involves various steps such as production, delivery, utility locates, and bench installation. Rest assured, we consider accessibility guidelines and existing recreational trails to ensure the bench is placed in a suitable location.

CN and Memory Lane Stones

For those who prefer a smaller tribute, we offer CN and Memory Lane stones. CN stones are placed along the Kiwanis East Bayshore Trail, near the CN Monument, while Memory Lane stones can be found along the Kiwanis East Bayshore Trail or at Corby Park. These stones, made of Stanstead Gray granite, allow you to leave a heartfelt message. The cost for CN and Memory Lane stones is $200.00.

Please note that stone placement requests are not accepted, as we carefully consider the overall design and aesthetics of the trail.

Picnic Table

If you’d like to make a donation that benefits park visitors directly, consider our picnic table program. Most of our developed park spaces can accommodate picnic tables. For a cost of $1,500.00, including a cement pad and plaque, you can contribute to creating a comfortable and inviting space for families and friends to gather.

Similar to benches, the installation process for picnic tables can take up to four months due to production, delivery, utility locates, and concrete pad placement. Let’s create a special spot for people to enjoy outdoor picnics and create cherished memories.

General Terms and Conditions

At Tips Tree Planting, we strive to make the donation process as smooth and meaningful as possible. Here are a few important points to keep in mind:

  • The City of Belleville reserves the right to approve or deny any donation requests.
  • The City will determine the final location for the donated item and may relocate it if necessary. Parks staff will contact the donor to discuss alternative locations if relocation is required.
  • All donated items, including associated plaques, become property of the City of Belleville. Rest assured, we will maintain them for their expected lifespan.
  • To ensure consistency, standard memorial plaques will be used. Plaque language is subject to approval and must be provided to the City for review prior to installation.
  • While ceremonies or gatherings are permitted, safety is our priority, and they cannot be held on the day of installation. Larger gatherings must be arranged through Facility Bookings.
  • We kindly ask that no ashes or memorial items be placed near or on any commemorative donation.
  • The placement of planting sites or installations depends on future park development, underground utilities, and special events.
  • Installation dates cannot be specified due to factors such as weather, supplier availability, park construction, and special events. We will provide written or telephone confirmation once installation is completed.


We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your donations. Here’s our policy on replacements:


If a commemorative tree does not survive, or if it is damaged or vandalized within three years of the original planting date, the City will replace it at no charge to the applicant.


Commemorative benches will be maintained by the City for a maximum of five years at no cost to the applicant. If a replacement is needed, the donor will be given the first opportunity to purchase a new bench. Bench plaque repair or replacement after two years will be charged to the applicant, and the City will cover the cost of one-time replacement if the plaque is stolen or vandalized.

CN or Memory Lane Stones

If a CN or Memory Lane stone is damaged and requires replacement, the donor will have the first opportunity to purchase a replacement. The City will not be responsible for the replacement.


We are committed to addressing graffiti in a timely manner. Vandalism, repair, and replacement after two years will be at the City’s discretion based on the severity of the damage.

Your Charitable Contribution

By participating in the Maintaining Memories Donation Program, you are making a charitable contribution. We thank you for being a friend of the program, as your support helps make Belleville a better place to live, work, and play.

For more information and to fill out the donation forms, please visit Tips Tree Planting. Let’s create lasting memories together!