Rediscover the Beauty of the Red Splendor Crabapple

Red Splendor Crabapple

Red Splendor Crabapple, Malus ‘Red Splendor’

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The Red Splendor crabapple, scientifically known as Malus ‘Red Splendor,’ is a captivating tree that will add a touch of vibrant beauty to your garden. Native to the temperate regions of North America, Europe, and Asia, crabapples are known for their cross-fertility and hybridization. In fact, there are approximately 800 recognized types of crabapples!

Get to Know the Red Splendor Crabapple

The Red Splendor crabapple stands out with its upright growth habit, reaching a height of 20 to 30 feet. Its symmetrical canopy features a charming open and round shape, creating a picturesque silhouette. During the growing season, you’ll be treated to dark reddish-green leaves that transform into a striking reddish purple in the fall, adding a touch of elegance to your landscape.

When it comes to flowers, the Red Splendor crabapple truly shines. This alternate bearer blooms intensely every other year, showcasing rose-red buds that open up into stunning pink to rose-pink flowers. These delicate blossoms measure around 1 4/5 inches in diameter, creating a delightful visual spectacle.

As the seasons change, the Red Splendor crabapple produces small, persistent fruit. These red jewels, with a diameter of 3/5 inch, add a vibrant touch to your garden and are a favorite among wildlife.

Create an Enchanting Landscape

The Red Splendor crabapple offers more than just its stunning appearance. It serves as an excellent specimen tree, making it ideal for showcasing its colorful flowers and attractive fruit. Whether you place it near patios, as a residential street tree, or even around overhead power lines, this tree’s beauty will captivate all who see it.

Not only is the Red Splendor crabapple visually appealing, but it’s also well-suited for urban environments. It can withstand common challenges such as air pollution, poor drainage, compacted soil, and drought. Some other crabapple varieties recommended for urban planting include ‘Adams,’ ‘Bob White,’ ‘David,’ ‘Donald Wyman,’ ‘Profusion,’ and Malus floribunda.

Planting and Care Tips

The Red Splendor crabapple thrives in USDA Hardiness Zones 4-8 and enjoys a medium growth rate. For optimal development of flowers and fruit, plant this tree in full sun. While it adapts to various soil conditions, it prefers well-drained, moist, and acidic soil.

To maintain the tree’s health and shape, regular pruning is necessary. Prune before early June, as most crabapples develop flower buds for the following season in mid-June to early July. By providing this essential care, you’ll ensure abundant flower production year after year.

Embrace the Magic of the Red Splendor Crabapple

The Red Splendor crabapple, with its stunning flowers, attractive fruit, and captivating fall foliage, will undoubtedly steal the show in any landscape. Its adaptability, ease of care, and resistance to disease make it an excellent choice for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike.

Experience the enchantment of the Red Splendor crabapple and transform your garden into a haven of natural beauty. For more gardening tips and inspiration, visit Tips Tree Planting. Discover a world of possibilities and make your garden the talk of the town!

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