Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

Planting trees is what we’re all about. That’s why we plant 10 trees for each item purchased in our store! It wouldn’t be possible without a legion of hard-working tree planters. If you’re interested in planting trees, there are lots of options across Canada. But before you dive in, let’s see if you’re the right fit for the job!

Are you 18 years old or older? Do you have financial need? Are you willing to sleep outside for three months and work more than seven days a week? Can you handle mosquito bites on mosquito bites? If you answered yes to all these questions (except the last one), you might have a chance at finding work as a tree-planter.

We’d be lying if we said there weren’t any challenging aspects of the job, but there are also some incredibly rewarding parts of tree planting.

Finding Work

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Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

The first step in finding a tree-planting job is to consider your location and how far you’re willing to travel. Since tree-planting can be an investment, especially in the first year, try to find work near you if possible.

Networking is key in this industry. Social media has made it much easier to connect with people who have experience in tree planting. Ask a friend who’s planted before for an introduction to their crew boss.

Once you have their contact information, reach out to prospective crew bosses via email or phone. Apply online as well, as many companies have websites with online applications. Fill out the applications and wait to be contacted while you continue networking.

The Interview

Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

During the interview process, express your motivation to make money and your willingness to work long, hard hours. Crew bosses are looking for individuals who are financially driven and able to handle the physical demands of the job. They want planters who won’t quit over minor discomforts and are focused on earning the most money possible. Emphasize your physical fitness, teachability, and personable nature.


Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

Congratulations, you found a job and got hired! Now it’s time to go shopping for the necessary gear. Start by making a list of everything you think you’ll need and refine it based on conversations with your crew boss and experienced tree-planters. Remember, most of your gear will get broken or lost, so keep it simple and pack light.

For affordable gear, check out websites like Kijiji for lightly used camping equipment, order a new set of planting bags and a shovel, buy a budget-friendly sleeping bag, and visit second-hand stores for clothing items like button-up shirts, t-shirts, wool sweaters, and quick-dry pants. Pack everything in an old hockey bag for easy transportation.


Want A Cool Career? Here’s How To Get A Job Planting Trees

Now that you’re fully prepared, it’s time to travel to your designated location. Don’t feel rushed when booking your transportation. Tree-planting start dates can be tentative, and delays are common due to weather conditions. It’s best to buy your plane, train, or bus ticket closer to your start date to avoid unnecessary deferment fees.

Once you arrive, make sure to be punctual and make a good impression on your crew boss. Being on time and maintaining a positive relationship with your crew boss can lead to better assignments and higher earnings.

Stay safe and good luck on your tree-planting adventure!

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