How to Plant Enough Fruit for a Year’s Supply: A Guide from Tips Tree Planting

How to Plant Enough Fruit for a Year’s Supply: A Guide from Tips Tree Planting

When it comes to growing our own food, we often think about vegetables. But what about fruit? It’s a delicious and nutritious addition to any diet, and today, we’re going to explore how much fruit you need to plant to supply your family for a year.

At Tips Tree Planting, we understand the importance of self-sufficiency and the joy of growing your own food. However, finding resources on how much fruit to plant can be challenging. That’s why we’ve done the research and gathered our personal experiences to bring you this comprehensive guide.

Before we dive in, let’s make a disclaimer: These numbers are estimates. Everyone’s fruit consumption varies based on personal preferences. At Tips Tree Planting, we love fruit and eat a ton of it! As a family, we’ve reduced our intake of processed sugary foods and turned to fruit for our sweet cravings. So, our estimates reflect our fruit-loving household.

Now, let’s explore how much fruit you need to plant per person:


A dwarf apple tree can yield 40-160 lbs of fruit, while a semi-dwarf tree produces 200-400 lbs. A standard tree yields 400-800 lbs. For one person, two dwarf apple trees would suffice. But for a family, consider planting three semi-dwarf trees or even one standard tree for adequate pollination. Remember, it’s best to err on the higher side of what you need, as external factors can affect yield.


Blackberries offer a high yield for the space they take up. Plant at least five blackberry plants per person. On average, each plant produces 1-1.5 pounds of fruit.


While cranberries don’t grow in all zones, lucky northern gardeners can enjoy these delicious fruits. You’ll need approximately two bushes per person (rounding up here) for a year’s supply.


Most grape varieties are self-pollinating, so you can start with one plant per person. However, if you want enough grapes for jam, freezing, and drying, increase the amount to three plants per person.

Peaches and Nectarines

Dwarf peach and nectarine trees can produce 45-135 lbs of fruit, while standard trees yield 135-270 lbs. Consider planting two dwarf trees for one person or two standard trees for a family of four.


For strawberries, plan approximately 25 plants per person. Each mature strawberry plant can yield around 15 lbs per year. Based on our family’s consumption, we would need around 300 plants for a year’s supply.


Two dwarf cherry trees are suitable for one person. Alternatively, you can plant one standard cherry tree that produces up to 150 lbs of fruit. Note that some cherry trees require at least two for pollination purposes.


Watermelon is a summer fruit that is not commonly preserved. Plant three watermelon plants per person in northern areas and two plants per person in the south.

Tropical Fruits

For those in tropical regions or with heated greenhouses, here’s what you need to know:

  • Bananas: Plan three dwarf plants for one person or three standard plants for a family of four.
  • Lemons: A regular lemon tree can produce up to 100 lbs of fruit, which is enough for one person or a family.
  • Meyer Lemons: Plant one Meyer Lemon tree per person for a modest yield.
  • Oranges: An outdoor planted, mature orange tree may produce 150-250 lbs of fruit.
  • Pineapples: You can grow as many pineapples as you will eat.
  • Pomegranates: Plant one pomegranate tree per person. Most trees are self-pollinating, so one is usually sufficient.

Remember, these are just guidelines. Factors like climate, space availability, and personal preferences may influence your choices. At Tips Tree Planting, we encourage you to start with more plants than you think you need and adjust as they grow.

For a visual guide and printable version of this information, visit our Tips Tree Planting website.

Let’s get planting and enjoy the bountiful harvest of fresh and delicious fruit!