Mastercard’s Unique Campaign for Forest Restoration with SZA’s Bonus Performance at the GRAMMY Awards®

Mastercard’s Unique Campaign for Forest Restoration with SZA’s Bonus Performance at the GRAMMY Awards®

Mastercard has taken a dynamic approach to its 2024 GRAMMY Awards® campaign by collaborating with Lyft and SiriusXM. The campaign revolves around the Priceless Planet Coalition, a movement dedicated to restoring 100 million trees in forests worldwide, thus creating a positive impact on the climate, communities, and nature.

Music has always had the power to bring people together and catalyze change. In fact, studies have shown that music lovers are 1.5 times more likely to take action for the environment. With this in mind, Mastercard aims to unite individuals through the power of their network, using the 2024 GRAMMY Awards® as a platform for collective action for the planet.

Rustom Dastoor, EVP of Marketing and Communications, Mastercard North America, emphasizes the importance of collaboration in creating a significant impact on the planet. He states, “It takes more than one person or one company to create scaled impact for the planet. Music does more than unite us; it inspires us to take action. Through our GRAMMY Awards campaign, we are merging passion and purpose in a way that, through a major cultural event, rallies people to come together through the power of music to create collective action for the planet.”

To engage consumers in the Priceless Planet Coalition, Mastercard has introduced various avenues for participation:

Through the Power of Their Purchase:

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Mastercard has partnered with Lyft and SiriusXM to offer consumers an opportunity to contribute to the restoration of forests through their everyday activities. Starting from February 4th, whenever consumers in the United States use their U.S. World or World Elite Mastercard to pay for a Lyft ride, a tree will be planted, with a goal of reaching up to half a million trees. Similarly, starting from February 7th, when eligible consumers subscribe to SiriusXM’s All Access (App Only) plan on, they will not only receive 4 free months but also contribute to the planting of 10 trees. Additionally, there is an opportunity for more trees to be planted by simply listening to the app.

Through Being Inspired to Seed Change:

During the GRAMMY Awards®, Mastercard featured a captivating performance by SZA at GRAMMY House presented by Mastercard. The debut performance of her song “Saturn” from the upcoming album LANA aimed to highlight the importance of taking action for a sustainable future. As part of the campaign, Mastercard launched an Instagram sweepstakes where cardholders could enter for a chance to win their own tree seed incorporated into SZA’s performance outfit.

Through Virtual Reforestation by Gaming:

Mastercard, in collaboration with GameSquare, introduced a game mode called “Restore the Forest Speedrun” within Fortnite’s UEFN engine. This game allows players to compete against each other, generating virtual trees and plants as they run through the course. The more they run, the more of the virtual forest is restored. Popular Twitch Streamers Masayoshi, Maya, and ImDontai are also partnering with Mastercard to encourage their fans to get involved.

Through the GRAMMY House Presented by Mastercard:

Leading up to the GRAMMY Awards®, Mastercard hosted the GRAMMY House, offering attendees a captivating multi-sensory tour. The experience celebrated music and provided an educational insight into Mastercard’s long-standing commitment to tree restoration.

Mastercard’s GRAMMYs campaign is an extension of its dedication to the music industry, artists, and fans. Through the Priceless Planet Coalition, Mastercard, along with its 140+ coalition partners, aims to combat climate change by restoring 100 million trees in geographies that have the greatest impact on climate, biodiversity, and communities. Conservation International and World Resources Institute, experts in climate science and forest restoration, join forces with Mastercard in this noble endeavor.

To stay updated and learn more about Mastercard’s commitment to the environment, visit Tips Tree Planting.

Additional Offer Details: Lyft will donate $2 to Conservation International to plant 1 tree, up to a maximum of 500,000 Lyft rides paid with a U.S. World or World Elite Mastercard consumer credit card. Similarly, SiriusXM will donate $2 per tree, with an opportunity to earn up to 30 additional trees for streaming. Terms and conditions apply. Visit the respective websites for more details.

Additional Sweepstakes Details: No purchase necessary. Open to U.S. and Canadian residents aged 18 and above. Entry details can be found on Mastercard’s designated post of SZA’s GRAMMY House performance on Instagram. Canadian winners are subject to a skill-testing math question. Odds of winning depend on the number of entries received. For full rules and regulations, visit

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