Local Tree Planting Organizations

Local Tree Planting Organizations

More Trees Please

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Are you passionate about creating a healthier, greener environment? Look no further! At Tips Tree Planting, we believe that taking care of our urban forests is crucial to our planet’s well-being. That’s why we’ve partnered with various agencies and nonprofits to offer Community Greening Programs that allow you and your neighbors to bring the beauty of nature to your neighborhood. Read on to learn more about how you can get involved!

Plant Trees

By signing up for our tree coupon program, you can receive coupons to use towards the purchase of up to three trees at participating local nurseries. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enhance the greenery around you while contributing to the overall health of the environment. Let’s make a difference together!

Local Tree Planting Organizations

If you’re interested in planting trees in your right-of-way, consider participating in our Grit City Trees Program. By submitting a Group Application with your neighbors, we’ll deliver free trees to a designated spot in your neighborhood. It’s a wonderful way to create a sense of community while beautifying your surroundings.


At Tips Tree Planting, we believe that true change happens when we come together as a community. That’s why we encourage you to join us as a volunteer through the Green Tacoma Partnership or organizations like the Tacoma Tree Foundation. As a volunteer, you’ll have the chance to get your hands dirty while removing invasive species and planting trees. Additionally, there are various educational and outreach opportunities where you can make a significant impact.

Apply for Funding for Tree Planting and Care

Are you bursting with creative ideas to improve your neighborhood’s green spaces? We’ve got you covered! Tips Tree Planting offers funding opportunities for your tree-themed improvement projects. Strengthen Tacoma’s Tree City USA designation, celebrate its recognition, and turn your vision into a reality. Apply for grants such as the Make A Splash Grant, Neighborhood Innovative Grants, Spark Grant, or Grants from Alliance for Community Trees or the Sustainability Small Grant program. The possibilities are endless!

Local Tree Planting Organizations

Here are a few project ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

  • New street tree plantings
  • Pruning existing street trees for crown cleaning and crown raising
  • Removal of stumps or hazardous/dying trees (especially with replanting)
  • Reclaiming your planting strip
  • Starting a community orchard

Learn More

Knowledge is power, especially when it comes to understanding the trees in your community. Take a moment to explore our Recommended Street Tree Lists and gain insights into the best tree species for our area. Additionally, we have resources available on how to select, plant, maintain, and prune your trees so you can enjoy them for a lifetime.

If you’re curious about the countless benefits that trees and green spaces offer our communities, we highly recommend reading the Outside Our Doors Report from the Washington Chapter of The Nature Conservancy. It’s an eye-opening document that highlights the positive impact that trees have on our environment.

Interested in learning more about natural yard care, pruning, rain gardens, tree planting, and tree basics? Sign up with EnviroHouse and dive into a wealth of knowledge on these topics.

Take a Self-Guided Tree Tour in Your Neighborhood

Exploring the trees in your neighborhood is a delightful adventure! Take a self-guided tree tour and discover the beauty of nature right outside your doorstep. So far, we have tours available for Downtown, Lincoln International District, Pipeline Trail, and Water Flume Line Trail. But don’t worry, there are more neighborhood tree tours to come! And if you can’t leave home, you can even explore trees in your area through Tacoma’s Tree Plotter website.

Monitor and Report Diseased or Damaged Trees

We all have a responsibility to preserve and protect our urban forests. If you notice any diseased or damaged trees in the rights-of-way, don’t hesitate to call 3-1-1 for immediate concerns. You can also become a citizen scientist and contribute to tree health by identifying invasive insects through training and educational materials provided by the Washington Invasive Species Council. Another option is to join iMapInvasives and actively participate in the conservation effort.

Consider a Career in Urban Forestry or Arboriculture

If you’re passionate about trees and nature, why not turn your interest into a fulfilling career? The field of arboriculture and related industries offer numerous opportunities to make a difference in the health and beauty of our communities. Whether it’s arboriculture, forestry, urban forestry, horticulture, landscape architecture, community forestry, or planning, each path has a unique impact on our environment. Discover more about these tree-related career fields through resources such as Career Paths in Arboriculture, Forestry Careers and Degrees, Washington Society of Landscape Architects, Washington Association of Landscape Professionals, and Forum for Tree Climbing-Tree Buzz International Society of Arboriculture.

At Tips Tree Planting, we believe in the power of trees to transform our world. By joining forces with local organizations, government agencies, and passionate individuals like yourself, we can create a greener, more sustainable future. Let’s make a lasting impact, one tree at a time.

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