Tips Tree Planting: The Perfect Set for Green Thumbs

Tips Tree Planting: The Perfect Set for Green Thumbs

It’s been a while since I last reviewed a LEGO Friends set, but the new early 2022 releases have caught my attention. One set, in particular, stands out – the Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707). Let’s dig deep into this set and see what it has to offer.

Price and Contents

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With a 30 Euro price tag for 336 pieces, this set may not look extraordinary at first glance. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes apparent that many of the pieces are small and insignificant. But fear not, resourceful builders! Most of these pieces can easily be sourced from other sets or Bricklink. In fact, our friends at Brickmerge state that the part-out value of this set is around 45 Euro.

As a savvy shopper, I always recommend looking for discounts. I managed to snag this set for 20 Euro, representing a 30% discount, and I’ve even seen it priced as low as 17 Euro for a 43% price cut. So, keep an eye out for deals! While it may not offer a large number of pieces, this set builds into two reasonably-sized models.

The Glasshouse

The first build in the set is a glasshouse or greenhouse, where sprouts and saplings are nurtured before they can be planted in the wilderness. However, I must admit that this glasshouse feels more like something a hobbyist gardener would create using recycled materials. While it captures the essence of a greenhouse, it lacks the scale and professionalism of a real operation.

On the bright side, the greenhouse does come with some exclusive parts, like the Medium Azure slopes and the 3×3 cylinders from Bowser’s Airship. Additionally, it reintroduces the triple-split large window elements in White, which haven’t been seen in a while. If you need multiples of these unique parts, buying this set more than once might be a viable option.

The Truck

Trucks are a common sight in the LEGO world, but this little truck manages to stand out. Its compact design gives it a cute and charming appearance. While it may not perfectly align with the scale of small utility trucks in real life, it still holds its own. However, the color scheme of the truck is a bit predictable, as it follows the traditional color palette associated with the main protagonist, Olivia.

In my opinion, it would have been refreshing to see LEGO take a bolder approach by using Yellowish Green or Bright Green for this eco-friendly vehicle. Many real-life electric cars come in fashionable colors as a statement of their environmental consciousness. Nevertheless, the truck does offer play value, as both figures can comfortably fit inside and the roof is removable for easy access.

Concluding Thoughts

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – the connection between this set and tree-planting. While LEGO may have mislabeled this set to align with the current eco-friendly trend, it’s important to remember that planting trees alone won’t save the planet. However, setting aside my personal grievances, I must admit that this set is still quite decent.

If you view it as an interesting twist on professional gardening and greenkeeping, it has its merits. The glasshouse, though small, captures the essence of a greenhouse and offers some unique elements. The truck, while not groundbreaking, has its own charm and play value.

Overall, the Tree-Planting Vehicle (41707) is a satisfactory set, especially if you’re a fan of the LEGO Friends series. Though there were missed opportunities to create something truly exceptional, this set still holds its own and provides enough entertainment for its intended audience.

So, if you’re a green thumb looking to add a touch of LEGO to your gardening endeavors, the Tree-Planting Vehicle is here to sprout some fun! Start building your own green oasis and let your imagination flourish. Happy planting!

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