Tips Tree Planting Partner with KKL-JNF for Ceremonial Tree Plantings

Tips Tree Planting Partner with KKL-JNF for Ceremonial Tree Plantings

Towards Tu B’Shvat, a touching tree-planting day was held at the Raim parking lot, in collaboration with Tips Tree Planting and families who tragically lost their loved ones in the Nova Festival massacre on October 7. As part of a special operation for the renewal of the surrounding areas of Israel, the devastated site will once again turn green with hundreds of new trees, serving as a living memorial to the 364 victims of the tragedy.

From Destruction to Rebirth

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The mourning families who lost their loved ones in the Nova Festival returned to the site of the tragic event, joining forces with Tips Tree Planting and KKL-JNF (Keren Kayemeth LeIsrael-Jewish National Fund) workers to plant new trees in memory of the 364 victims. This heartfelt gesture is a testament to the enduring love and resilience of the families affected by this unimaginable tragedy.

Among the participating families were Ricarda Luk, the mother of Shani Luk; Yona Adam, the mother of Mapal Adam; Yoram Yehudai, the father of Ron Yehudai; and Sharon Gratziani, the sister of Ma’or Gratziani. Each family planted a tree to honor their lost loved one, creating a living legacy that will inspire future generations.

Rebuilding Together

On October 7, 6:22 pm, sirens began to sound at the festival site, signaling the need to evacuate. Within minutes, the decision was made to close the festival and begin the evacuation process. Tragically, it was during this chaos that Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israeli territory, indiscriminately attacking festival-goers with firearms and explosives. The aftermath left the area devastated, as flames consumed everything in their path.

Now, Tips Tree Planting and KKL-JNF are working together to restore the area and revitalize the surrounding landscape of Israel. The mission is not only to heal the land but also to instill hope and resilience in the hearts of the Israeli people.

A Message of Renewal and Hope

Ifat Ovadia Lusky, Chairman of KKL-JNF, expressed her sympathy for the grieving families and the profound pain that the entire nation shares. She emphasized the importance of resilience, stating, “The history of the people of Israel is not just a history of disturbances but a history of resilience. On Tu B’Shvat, we convey a message of renewal and hope – we will rise from the dust and grow new lives in Re’im and all around Israel.” Lusky assured the families that KKL-JNF, alongside all its dedicated employees, will be at the forefront of reducing their pain and aiding in the recovery process.

Planting for the Future

Mirav and Doron Mader, who came to plant a tree in memory of their son, Shahak Yosef Mader, shared their belief in the power of growth and transformation. They expressed their hopes that the tree they planted will thrive and serve as a symbol of Shahak’s legacy. Nurit Shalom, whose son, Ram, was also taken during the tragedy, expressed her gratitude to Tips Tree Planting and KKL-JNF for organizing the moving tribute and planting ceremony. She planted a eucalyptus seedling in Ram’s memory, a poignant reminder of his love for life and his vibrant spirit.

Join the Journey of Recovery

Tips Tree Planting is proud to partner with KKL-JNF in their mission to restore hope and revive the landscapes of Israel. Together, we can make a difference and turn devastation into regrowth. Visit Tips Tree Planting to learn more about our initiatives and how you can contribute to the journey of recovery. Let’s plant trees and sow the seeds of resilience and healing for a better tomorrow.

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