The Truth Behind the JNF: Unveiling the Real Mission

The Truth Behind the JNF: Unveiling the Real Mission

Intriguing headlines like these demand attention. They pique curiosity, urging readers to uncover hidden secrets. Today, we delve into the controversial Jewish National Fund (JNF). While it may present itself as an innocent charity, a deeper look reveals a much darker reality. Join us as we lift the veil on the JNF’s true mission and shed light on its activities.

The JNF’s Deceptive Facade

Recent events surrounding the JNF’s decision to purchase land for settlement expansion in the occupied West Bank have created a stir. This move has forced us to question the organization’s mission and values. JNF Chairman Avraham Duvdevani insists that land redemption has always been core to their purpose, regardless of the political climate. He proudly recounts how the JNF intervenes to “save” land from being sold to non-Jews.

Yet, the JNF’s activities are not limited to the West Bank. Since 1967, the gradual Judaization of occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank has occurred under the JNF’s watchful eye. Surprisingly, the organization skillfully masks its involvement, presenting a completely different image to the public.

No Innocent Green Organization

The JNF’s German website portrays it as a politically independent green organization, emphasizing its commitment to serving all residents of Israel. The site even highlights the JNF’s cooperation with the indigenous Bedouin population in the Naqab/Negev desert. However, these claims are far from the truth.

Unlike the green facade presented abroad, the JNF plays a pivotal role in perpetuating systemic discrimination against Palestinian society within the Green Line. Moreover, it actively participates in dispossessing Palestinians on both sides of the line. The organization’s original purpose, established at the fifth Zionist Congress in 1901, was to acquire land exclusively for Jewish settlement.

The True Agenda

The JNF’s connection to the displacement of indigenous populations has been clear since its inception. Prominent pre-state Zionist leaders recognized the need for a large-scale transfer of Arabs from the land. Yosef Weitz, director of the JNF’s Lands Department, advocated for this ethnic cleansing. After the Nakba, the displacement of Arabs and the absorption of Jewish immigrants laid the foundation for the new state.

The JNF’s mandate, enshrined in Israeli law since 1953, remains unchanged. It can lease and develop land solely for Jewish use. Although a 2009 Supreme Court ruling theoretically made JNF land available to all citizens, non-Jews can only lease it indirectly through a land-swap arrangement. The JNF’s discriminatory practices are justified by its commitment to the Jewish people alone.

Environmental Conservation or Cruel Mockery?

Despite its claims of environmentalism, the JNF’s efforts often undermine nature conservation and environmental protection. In a scathing 2013 report, Israel’s Society for the Protection of Nature criticized the Fund’s afforestation projects for destroying local biodiversity. These projects also serve as a means to erase the remnants of Palestinian communities and impede refugees’ dreams of returning.

A prime example is the unrecognized village of Al-Araqib in the Naqab. Israeli forces have repeatedly demolished the village to make way for a JNF forest. The JNF’s “pro-Bedouin” stance and its support for marginalized populations are nothing but an elaborate charade.

Revealing the Bluff

Despite the JNF’s true mission and activities, it maintains its charitable status in Germany. Officially, JNF Germany claims to promote care for the elderly and young, development cooperation, international-mindedness, tolerance, and understanding between nations. However, these charitable purposes and its green, egalitarian facade are nothing more than a cruel mockery of the truth.

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