Harrison Tree & Lawn Care: Growing Strong with Team Financial Group

Harrison Tree & Lawn Care: Growing Strong with Team Financial Group

Harrison Tree & Lawn Care has been serving the residents of Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne Counties in Michigan for decades. From lawn fertilizing to complete tree care, the company offers a range of services, including integrated pest management, tree pruning and removal, landscaping, cabling, and screw rodding.

Founded in 1927 by William Harrison, the company has thrived and evolved under new ownership while staying true to its founding principles. Today, brothers John and Joseph Snider run Harrison Tree & Lawn Care, placing a strong emphasis on building lasting relationships within the community. With a friendly and knowledgeable staff, the company provides exceptional work at affordable rates, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their specific needs.

The Competitive Edge with Team Financial Group

To maintain its outstanding service, Harrison Tree & Lawn Care relies on an up-to-date fleet of equipment. This is where their partnership with Team Financial Group proves invaluable. Team Financial Group has consistently provided the financing required for Harrison Tree & Lawn Care to uphold its high standards of professionalism and service.

According to John Snyder, President of Harrison Tree & Lawn Care, the decision to partner with Team Financial Group was driven by the exceptional access to staff and the supportive family atmosphere they offer. Not only does the company secure the necessary financing, but they have also found a long-term partner in growth.

“Team Financial Group is there for us and our needs,” says John. “We are in constant communication with Tim and his reps. They are our financial mentors and help guide us through decision-making.”

Equipment acquired by Harrison Tree & Lawn Care with the assistance of Team Financial Group includes the 2000 Rayco RG50, 1999 Rayco Trailer, 1999 2400D, 1998 Dodge Ram, 1997 C6500 GMC, 2001 GMC C-Series Dump Truck, Rayco Bush Chipper RX20XP, and the 2011 Rayco RG 1635SJR5 self-propelled stump cutter.

Fast and Flexible Financing with Team Financial Group

At Tips Tree Planting, we understand the importance of having fast and flexible financing options. That’s why we offer a variety of financing solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of your business. Whether you’re a startup looking to finance your first pieces of equipment or an established business seeking to scale up, we are here to assist you.

Ready to get started? Apply for financing now using our quick and easy online application, or feel free to give us a call at 616-735-2393 if you have any questions. Our team at Tips Tree Planting is committed to helping you achieve your goals and growing your business.

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