Growing Eucalyptus Trees: Your Expert Guide

eucalyptus tree planting

Frequently Asked Questions

Help! My eucalyptus leaves have gone crispy

Eucalyptus plants can develop crispy leaves for various reasons, such as excessive sunlight, insufficient water and humidity, or fungal diseases. Once the leaves have become crispy, it’s unlikely that they will rehydrate. However, to prevent further crisping, give the plant a good drink if needed, repot it, and move it to a more humid spot. New leaves should quickly grow, but remember to cut back any stems that have not regrown leaves as they are likely dead.

My eucalyptus tree is too big – can I prune it?

If left unpruned, eucalyptus trees can reach heights of around 25m, making them unsuitable for small to medium gardens. However, Eucalyptus gunnii, in particular, is incredibly resilient and can tolerate hard pruning. So, feel free to cut it back to manage its overall size, knowing it will grow back. To prevent it from becoming out of control again, prune it regularly.

Help! My eucalyptus tree has spotted, discolored leaves

Don’t fret if you notice spotted and discolored leaves on your eucalyptus tree. This is a normal occurrence and can be a result of stress, such as drought or waterlogged soil. Alternatively, it could indicate that the leaves are old and the tree is extracting nutrients from them before shedding. This leads to discoloration and the formation of black spots on older leaves. However, rest assured that fresh new growth always follows. If you find the tree unsightly, feel free to trim it back. In small gardens, coppicing eucalyptus trees can result in the formation of a multi-stemmed bush and the production of new, young leaves, which are highly popular with flower arrangers.

Help! My neighbor’s eucalyptus tree is too big

Eucalyptus trees can grow up to 30m if left unpruned and can become unstable in high winds. If your neighbor’s eucalyptus tree is causing issues such as blocking light, shedding leaves excessively, or encroaching on your property boundaries, you have the right to address the problem. Politely ask your neighbors to prune the tree regularly to control its size. Alternatively, if it’s too close to your house, consider requesting its complete removal. To ensure a friendly resolution, you can even offer to contribute towards the cost of the work.

At Tips Tree Planting, we understand the joys and challenges of growing eucalyptus trees. By following these expert tips, you can enjoy the beauty of these magnificent trees while maintaining control over their growth. For more valuable gardening advice, visit Tips Tree Planting today!

Remember, a little TLC goes a long way in nurturing your eucalyptus tree to thrive and enhance your garden’s natural beauty. Happy gardening, my dear friends!