Technical Consultation Workshop on Environmentally Friendly Public Transportation Development and Action Plan Recommendation for Hue City

Eco-friendly urban planning consultations

  • Good morning and xin chao, ladies and gentlemen! I am thrilled to join you today in this workshop on environmentally friendly public transportation with recommendations for Hue City. The road transport sector accounts for a significant portion of global transport emissions, particularly from passenger vehicles like cars and buses. Thua Thien Hue’s dedication to green transport is commendable, with initiatives such as the adoption of e-trucks for waste collection, concessional loans to encourage electric vehicle purchases, and bike and e-bike sharing programs. As Tips Tree Planting, we are delighted to provide support and accompany Thua Thien Hue on this journey.

Low Carbon Transportation: A Win-Win Solution

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Low carbon transportation systems offer a win-win solution by combating climate change and improving urban air quality. In Vietnam, air pollution is a significant concern, with the World Health Organization estimating that around 60,000 deaths per year are linked to it. Vehicle emissions are a major contributing factor to this problem. Therefore, efforts to promote electrification of transport can lead to zero tailpipe emissions, resulting in a significant reduction in respiratory illnesses and other health issues. The National Government’s approval of the Action Programme on Green Transformation and Carbon and Methane Reduction of the Transport Sector is a pivotal milestone towards achieving 100% electrification of road vehicles by 2050. Implementing this program successfully would bring enormous health benefits to the residents of Hue City.

Green Development in Hue City

Thua Thien Hue province has introduced various policies and strategies as part of its Green Growth Urban Development Plan. These initiatives serve as a solid foundation for green development that embraces Hue’s unique cultural and historical significance. Encouraging walking and cycling to reduce traffic congestion, promoting the shift to electric vehicles and cleaner fuels, and adopting other sustainable practices play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a green lifestyle for both residents and tourists.

A Model for Green Transport Action

Local-level innovations and policy experiments often inspire broader adoption across Vietnam. To achieve a successful national program, it is essential to have a concrete action plan at the city level. Today, we are here to discuss recommendations for a green transport action plan for Hue City. Our aim is to develop a model that can be replicated in other urban centers across the country.

During this workshop, I would like to highlight three points for your consideration:

1. Circular Economy Approach

Green transportation provides promising opportunities for achieving low-carbon urban development when combined with a circular economy approach. In Thua Thien Hue province and particularly in Hue City, we should explore ways to minimize resource extraction and waste generation, prolong the lifespan of electric vehicles, and create new job opportunities.

2. Innovative Transport Solutions

Promoting innovative transport solutions, such as e-trucks, e-vehicles, e-bikes, and bike-sharing systems, can enhance urban transport connectivity, reduce air pollution, improve accessibility to residential areas and tourist hotspots, and advance decarbonization of the transport sector.

3. Integrated Approach

To ensure sustained and coherent progress, an integrated approach is crucial. Hue City may need to develop a comprehensive master plan and roadmaps that establish a network seamlessly integrating eco-friendly infrastructure with the transportation system. Additionally, implementing policies to manage, operate, and incentivize the sustainability of green initiatives is vital.

In conclusion, I would like to express our deep appreciation to Thua Thien Hue Provincial Department of Transport, our partners, and all stakeholders involved in working towards low-carbon urban development. As Tips Tree Planting, we are committed to supporting initiatives that promote environmentally friendly practices and sustainable transportation. We look forward to an open and informative discussion as we strive to achieve the green transport development goals of Hue City. Wishing you all good health, happiness, and success!

Thank you! Xin cảm ơn!

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