Urban and Community Forestry Grants

Inflation Reduction Act Urban and Community Forestry Grants Available

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Are you passionate about urban forestry and making a positive impact in disadvantaged communities? Well, here’s some exciting news for you! New York State is offering a whopping $12.9 million in grants for urban forestry work in disadvantaged communities. This presents an incredible opportunity to contribute to the well-being of our communities and the environment.

Community Forest Management Plan Implementation in Disadvantaged Communities ($10 million)

One of the grant categories available is the UCF4-2023 Community Forest Management Plan Implementation in Disadvantaged Communities. With $10 million allocated to this category, there’s a significant investment in enhancing the management and development of community forests. This allows for the creation of sustainable plans that ensure the well-being of our urban green spaces.

Ash Tree Management in Disadvantaged Communities ($2.9 million)

The second grant category, UCF5-2023 Ash Tree Management in Disadvantaged Communities, provides $2.9 million for projects aimed at addressing the challenges posed by ash tree infestations. By focusing on disadvantaged communities, we can protect valuable resources, preserve the beauty of our neighborhoods, and mitigate the economic and ecological impacts caused by these infestations.

To access the detailed information and scoring criteria for this grant opportunity, you can review the Request for Applications (RFA). The deadline for applications is Wednesday, January 31 at 2:00 p.m., so make sure to mark your calendars!

If you’re ready to take action and apply for this grant, you can find the application and additional information in the Grants Gateway Portal (GG). Simply search for “Forests” in the portal to locate the grant opportunity. It’s that easy!

Update: Please note that due to the transition from the GG to the State Financial System, new GG registration requests and prequalification requests will only be reviewed if they are tied to an opportunity. When submitting your registration request, remember to identify the grant opportunity you’re applying for. If you haven’t registered in GG yet, no worries! Just send an email to [email protected] so we can assist you in finding an application partner and keep you informed about any new developments. Also, please be aware that there will be a blackout period from January 10-16 when Grants Gateway will be inaccessible. Remember, registration is not the same as not-for-profit pre-qualification.

To ensure you have all the necessary knowledge and guidance to submit a successful application, the DEC recently held informative grant information sessions. These sessions provided valuable insights, including a thorough explanation of the disadvantaged community tools used in urban forestry in New York. Although these sessions did not specifically discuss grant opportunities, they offered a chance to understand how to navigate the Grants Gateway effectively.

Please note that this grant opportunity is unique as it is funded by the USDA Forest Service through the Federal Inflation Reduction Act. It should not be confused with the regular rounds of DEC Urban and Community Forestry Grants.

Round 16 – Closed

If you missed out on Round 16 of the grants, don’t worry! There will be new opportunities coming your way soon. The UCF1 category, which focused on Tree Inventory and Community Forest Management Plan grants, awarded a total of $978,820 on December 22, 2023. You can view the list of awardees to get a better understanding of the projects that received funding.

Stay tuned for the announcement of the UCF2 category, which will cover Tree Maintenance and Tree Planting grants. These opportunities are expected to be announced in early 2024. Keep an eye out for the Request for Applications (RFA) (PDF), which will outline the deadlines, eligible applicants and projects, and application scoring criteria.

To get a head start and familiarize yourself with the process, you can review the recording of the March 29 pre-RFA webinar. This valuable resource will provide you with essential information to help you craft a winning application.

Remember, this is your opportunity to make a significant difference in disadvantaged communities through urban forestry. So, why wait? Start planning your application today!

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