Riverside Takes a Stand for Climate Action: A Day of Community Engagement with California Climate Action Corps Fellows and Volunteers

Have you ever felt the urgent need to protect our planet and combat the impacts of climate change? Well, you’re not alone! In a remarkable event, over 300 California Climate Action Corps Fellows gathered to kick off their year of service, uniting Riverside in the fight against climate change. Assemblymember Sabrina Cervantes, witnessing the administration of the AmeriCorps oath, expressed her excitement in playing a part in this significant moment. The fellows will embark on a journey to mobilize communities, engage volunteers, and initiate educational service projects that aim to reduce the environmental impacts of climate change and enhance the quality of life for Californians throughout the state.

California Volunteers, the driving force behind this event, demonstrated their commitment to scale up their efforts in the upcoming years, striving to engage tens of thousands of service members and volunteers. This dedication reflects the urgency of climate change and the need for immediate action. Together with TreePeople, an organization focused on urban greening and environmental education, this partnership aims to make a positive environmental impact on both Martha McLean Park and Riverside. Cindy Montañez, CEO of TreePeople, commended the collaboration, emphasizing the importance of taking action, instigating equity-based environmental programs, and working towards a sustainable future for Riverside and beyond.

The California Climate Action Corps, launched three years ago by Governor Gavin Newsom, stands as the nation’s first state-level climate service corps. Its mission is to empower Californians to take meaningful action in safeguarding their homes, health, and communities from the harsh impacts of climate change. California Volunteers, Office of the Governor, leads this program, which encompasses a service force larger than the Peace Corps. Additionally, they oversee other notable initiatives such as the #CaliforniansForAll Youth Jobs Corps, AmeriCorps California programs, and the #CaliforniansForAll College Corps.

Acknowledging the significance of such volunteer programs, Sonali Nijhawan, the Director of AmeriCorps State and National, expressed gratitude towards all the CCAC Fellows leading the transformation in California. The Biden-Harris Administration is fully committed to investing in programs like AmeriCorps and the recently announced American Climate Corps initiative, recognizing their pivotal role in addressing climate change. Through their service, AmeriCorps members contribute to improving our environment and mitigating the effects of climate change while gaining invaluable skills for future employment.

If you’re passionate about making a difference, applications for the 2024 Climate Action Corps Fellowship are now open! This 7.5-month-long fellowship, starting in February, provides an incredible opportunity to be part of the movement. Visit ClimateActionCorps.ca.gov to learn more about the fellowship or sign up at CaliforniansForAll.ca.gov to find local volunteer opportunities.

Join the movement, protect our planet, and create a sustainable future for all! Together, we can make a real difference.

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