The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

It’s no secret that planting trees has a multitude of benefits for the environment, wildlife, and combating climate change. In fact, the Committee on Climate Change has stated that the UK needs to plant a staggering 1.5 billion trees in order to achieve its goal of zero carbon emissions by 2050.

But tree planting is not as simple as scattering seeds and hoping for the best. It requires careful research, planning, and a science-based approach. That’s why we, at Tips Tree Planting, have compiled a list of the best tree planting charities in the UK that are dedicated to making a lasting positive impact on local landscapes, communities, and ecosystems.

Trees for Cities: Bringing Nature to Urban Areas

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The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

Trees for Cities is a unique UK charity that focuses on planting trees in urban areas, both nationally and internationally. With a mission to revitalize neglected spaces, create healthier environments, and enhance diversity in cities, this organization has already planted over 1.2 million trees in urban areas.

In addition to their tree planting efforts, Trees for Cities also works extensively with schools, offering programs such as Edible Playgrounds, Growing Among the Trees, and Planting Healthy Air in Schools. These initiatives not only improve children’s mental health but also connect them with nature and empower them to grow their own food.

To support Trees for Cities, you can contribute through donations, fundraising, or by participating in volunteering events in your local area.

The Tree Council: Protecting Trees for the Future

The Tree Council is an organization that collaborates with governments, communities, and individuals to protect trees and ensure the future of our planet. With a focus on healthy and diverse treescapes, this tree planting charity supports projects through research, funding, and education.

One of their notable initiatives is the Talk to the Hedge program, which aims to protect Britain’s hedges through events and projects. The Tree Council also launches campaigns throughout the year to raise awareness and connect local communities with nature. You can get involved by donating or becoming a volunteer tree warden in your area.

International Tree Foundation: Planting Trees Across the Globe

The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

The International Tree Foundation works globally to plant trees in partnership with local communities. With a focus on Kenya and the UK, this organization supports grassroots and small-scale community tree planting projects through funding and coordination.

Their UK Community Tree Planting Programme empowers local communities to design and run their own projects, fostering engagement and positive well-being. From community orchards to native woodland planting, all projects take place on public-accessible land to encourage local ownership and connection with nature.

To support the International Tree Foundation, you can make a donation.

Trees for Life: Rewilding the Highlands of Scotland

Trees for Life is a leading UK tree planting charity on a mission to rewild the Highlands of Scotland by restoring the Caledonian Forest. This charity also plays a crucial role in rewilding the Affric Highlands, reintroducing wildlife such as red squirrels and the Lynx.

With nearly two million trees planted to date, Trees for Life also provides training for rewilding projects and educational resources for schools. You can get involved by participating in their Conservation Weeks or becoming a volunteer.

Avon Needs Trees: Restoring Woodlands in the Bristol-Avon Area

The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

Avon Needs Trees is a small Bristol-based charity that purchases land in the Bristol-Avon Catchment Area to reforest and rewild. By enhancing biodiversity and providing natural flood management, the charity aims to restore Avon’s depleted woodlands.

Supported by larger organizations such as The Environmental Agency and The Woodland Trust, Avon Needs Trees has successfully acquired two areas of land and is actively searching for a third. To contribute, you can donate or volunteer, or even sell your land to support their cause.

Birmingham Trees for Life: Planting Trees in the Heart of Birmingham

The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

Birmingham Trees for Life is a charity dedicated to planting trees in the city of Birmingham. Working in collaboration with Birmingham City Council, Trees for Cities, and The Woodland Trust, the charity organizes tree planting events in parks and public spaces every winter.

Since its establishment in 2006, Birmingham Trees for Life has successfully planted 100,000 trees. They are particularly focused on involving children and young people in tree planting activities and offer volunteering and educational opportunities for local schools.

To support Birmingham Trees for Life, you can sponsor tree planting projects or participate in volunteering opportunities.

Heal Rewilding: Crowdfunding for Rewilding Projects

Heal Rewilding is a not-for-profit organization with an innovative approach to tree planting. They crowdfund to buy land for rewilding across England, allowing individuals to sponsor a 3×3 meter square of land for rewilding purposes.

Since its establishment in 2020, Heal Rewilding has raised over £340,000 in donations and secured a £3 million loan to acquire rewilding sites. You can contribute by sponsoring a 3×3 Heal, donating monthly, volunteering, or becoming a corporate sponsor.

Rewilding Britain: Advocating for Rewilding Across the UK

Rewilding Britain is the first and only UK-wide organization that focuses on rewilding and its benefits. They support landowners, community groups, and organizations in implementing rewilding projects in a sustainable and science-backed manner.

As part of their efforts, Rewilding Britain has established the Rewilding Network, a platform for connecting and sharing knowledge among individuals who are passionate about rewilding. They have also launched the Rewilding Innovation Fund to support restoration projects across Britain.

To contribute, you can donate or initiate your own rewilding project using their resources.

Forestry England: Rebuilding and Protecting Forests

Forestry England manages 1,500 forests in England, working to rebuild and protect forests through research and expert land management. Their nursery grows 7 million new trees every year to replant forests and create new woodland areas.

Aside from their tree planting efforts, Forestry England creates walking, running, and cycling trails, as well as education centers to engage communities with nature. They are also the largest supplier of sustainably sourced timber in England.

To support Forestry England, you can become a volunteer, donate, become a corporate sponsor, or join as a member.

Yorkshire Rewilding Network: Inspiring Rewilding Projects in Yorkshire

The Best Tree Planting Charities in the UK: Make a Lasting Impact on the Environment

The Yorkshire Rewilding Network is a charity that brings together individuals and communities in Yorkshire who are interested in rewilding. The network serves as a platform for inspiration, knowledge-sharing, and collaboration, regardless of the scale of the rewilding project.

Through the network, you can find rewilding projects near you and connect with like-minded people through the forum. The charity aims to empower communities to rewild, from small-scale gardens to large farms.

To contribute to the Yorkshire Rewilding Network, you can donate or become a member.

The Woodland Trust: Conservating the UK’s Woodlands

The Woodland Trust, the largest woodland conservation charity in the UK, is dedicated to planting and restoring woodlands across the country. With over 1,000 woods under their care, they conduct research and evidence-based initiatives to protect and advocate for trees.

The Woodland Trust also collaborates with the government and policymakers to secure stronger protection for trees in the UK. You can support their work by becoming a member, donating, joining a campaign, or fundraising for their cause.

At Tips Tree Planting, we believe that tree planting is not just a hobby, but a responsibility. By supporting these incredible tree planting charities in the UK, you can make a significant and lasting impact on the environment, wildlife, and communities. Get involved and let’s create a greener and more sustainable future together.

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