Tips Tree Planting: Creating a Lush Urban Forest for a Vibrant City

Tips Tree Planting: Creating a Lush Urban Forest for a Vibrant City

Do you marvel at the sight of lush trees lining the streets, providing shade and creating a vibrant ecosystem in your city? At Tips Tree Planting, we are passionate about urban forestry and dedicated to maintaining and nurturing the trees in our community. Join us on our mission to create a healthy city by exploring the beauty of trees and the invaluable benefits they bring.

The Importance of Urban Forestry

Trees play a vital role in our urban environment, enhancing our surroundings with their natural beauty and providing essential shade. But their impact goes far beyond aesthetics. Trees also work tirelessly to clean the air we breathe, support a thriving ecosystem, and provide food and habitat for wildlife. They are the lungs of our city, contributing to the overall health and well-being of its residents.

To ensure the well-being of our urban forest, our Urban Forestry team is committed to planting, watering, and maintaining all trees on city property. Their exceptional efforts have earned them the prestigious Tree City USA award from the National Arbor Day Foundation for 18 consecutive years.

Your Role in Caring for Our Urban Forest

Caring for our urban forest is a shared responsibility, and we invite you to become a Cambridge Urban Forest Friend! By signing up, you can actively contribute to the success of newly planted trees by watering, mulching, and weeding them. Together, we can ensure the health and longevity of our precious urban canopy.

Tips Tree Planting: Creating a Lush Urban Forest for a Vibrant City

Our Vision: Equity, Resiliency, and Shared Responsibility

Through our Urban Forest Master Plan, we have developed the Healthy City Healthy Forest initiative. This program aims to reshape our relationship with Cambridge’s urban forest and create opportunities for the community to actively participate in its care. Our vision is guided by three core values:

  • Equity: We strive to ensure that every citizen benefits from our urban canopy.
  • Resiliency: We aim to develop a robust urban forest that promotes human health and well-being.
  • Shared Responsibility: We believe in engaging citizens to help contribute to the care and maintenance of our urban forest.

Tree Maintenance and Programs

Proper tree maintenance is crucial for the health and longevity of our urban forest. Our Forestry Division diligently prunes and maintains over 19,000 public trees on a 6-year cycle. Pruning is carried out by certified private tree care companies through a coordinated Street Tree Pruning Contract. If you believe a city-owned tree requires maintenance or pruning, please submit a request.

In emergency situations such as storm damage, our dedicated Forestry crews are always ready to respond promptly, prioritizing trees based on the severity of the situation. If you come across a hazardous or storm-damaged city tree that needs immediate attention, please call Public Works at 617-349-4800.

When it comes to tree removal, public trees are protected by Massachusetts State Law. Dead, dying, or diseased trees posing hazards undergo evaluation by the City Arborist before removal. For healthy public trees proposed for removal, an advertised public hearing is required.

Pest management is a crucial aspect of tree care. Our Forestry crews stay vigilant, working closely with neighboring cities to detect and anticipate the presence of harmful species such as the Asian Longhorn Beetle and Emerald Ash Borer. Whenever possible, trees are treated in advance to increase their chances of survival.

We also have tree planting programs in place, focusing on proposed locations identified on the Planting Map. However, if you wish to request a new or replacement tree in a different location, please submit a tree planting request, subject to inspection by our Forestry staff to ensure suitability based on specific criteria.

Knowledge is Power

Are you interested in learning more about the types of trees planted in Cambridge? Visit Tips Tree Planting for insightful information. Additionally, you can explore the city’s tree inventory using the GIS Cambridge Tree Walk, which identifies trees around you based on your location.

Get Involved, Make a Difference

Be a part of our thriving urban forest community. Explore our scheduled planting locations for 2024, stay informed about tree removals, and discover trees planted through Participatory Budgeting initiatives by visiting our website.

Private Trees: Your Responsibility

While our dedicated team takes care of public trees, it’s important to note that we do not offer services for trees on private property. If you have concerns or questions about a private property tree, we recommend contacting a certified arborist at Tips Tree Planting. Before planting, ensure you check your site for the location of underground utilities to comply with the law. Contact Dig Safe at 1-888-DIG-SAFE or visit for further information.

To protect our urban forest, the City Council has implemented a Tree Protection Ordinance. This ordinance restricts the removal of “significant” trees on private property, with permits available for emergency situations or special circumstances requiring removal. For more details, please visit

At Tips Tree Planting, we believe in the power of trees to create a beautiful and sustainable urban environment. Join us in caring for our urban forest and let’s make Cambridge a greener, healthier place to call home!