The Best Time for Planting Trees, Flowers, and Everything Else

The Best Time for Planting Trees, Flowers, and Everything Else

Different plants have different preferences and tolerances when it comes to weather, so it isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach.

Timing is essential when it comes to setting your plants up for success! Planting at the wrong time can compromise your plants’ growth, stress them out, or totally derail your whole gardening project. The best time to plant varies based on the type of plants and their preferences and tolerances for different weather conditions. Here’s a guide on when to plant all the different things in your garden, from trees and shrubs to flowers, vegetables, and bulbs.

The Importance of Planting at the Best Times

Your plants’ roots are sensitive and delicate. Think of roots as the “brain” of your plant—their ability to function will be greatly affected if you injure or shock the roots! When planting, the roots move into an entirely new environment, and if the temperature change is drastic, it can cause considerable damage. Plus, some plants just flat-out don’t like warm weather—or cool weather for that matter—so you need to transplant them at the right time so they can grow in their ideal conditions.

The Best Time to Plant Trees and Shrubs

Spring and fall are the best times to plant trees and shrubs because the soil temperature is mild. Summer is too warm—remember, you want to prevent root shock! Spring is usually the preferable choice because your plants have all year to spread their roots and get established. Fall is still an excellent time for planting, but you may need to take extra measures to protect your young plants from the upcoming winter cold. Spreading mulch and using tree wraps will help keep your plants toasty!

The Best Time to Plant Flowers and Foliage Plants

Spring is typically the best time to plant perennials and annuals, but the exact timing depends on your chosen flowers or plants and their tolerance for frost. Cool-season flowers like pansies and alyssum can handle some light frost. If you plant them in late April or May, you shouldn’t have any issues. Plants that aren’t frost-tolerant are best planted in mid-to-late May or early June.

Ideally, transplant your flowers, ornamental grasses, and foliage plants on a cloudy, overcast day that isn’t too windy. Planting early in the morning before the sun heats up the soil will produce the best results.

The Best Time for Planting Vegetables

Vegetables fall into two categories: warm-season and cool-season. When you plant your vegetables depends on what kind you have!

Cool-season vegetables don’t like high heat, so the ideal time to plant them is in very early spring or at the end of summer. Exposing cool-season vegetables to high heat often results in bolting and bitter flavor. In early spring, temperatures will be mild, and they’ll reach maturity before summer heat kicks in. By planting them at the end of summer, they’ll mature through cool autumn temperatures.

Warm-season veggies usually take longer to grow, and they love high heat and lots of sunshine. We recommend planting them after the last frost. In Glenside, our last frost date is typically May 10, so mid-to-late May is a perfect time for planting tomatoes, peppers, and other warm-season vegetables.

The Best Time for Planting Spring Bulbs

Spring bulbs like tulips, crocuses, and daffodils should go into the ground in late fall. To bloom, they need to experience a period of cold weather. Once the temperature rises again, that’s their cue to start growing! Without the cold phase, they simply won’t grow.

The Best Time for Planting Summer Bulbs

Summer bulbs are different from spring bulbs—they don’t need to chill before they bloom! Planting them in spring when your spring bulbs start to emerge is ideal; this way, you can get an idea of where your spring bulbs are, and you can intersperse your summer bulbs throughout them. Once the spring blooms fade, the summer bulbs will burst into bloom, so you’re never lacking in garden color.

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